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say about Thermomix®




Tmun Restaurant

"It’s definitely the most used thing in my kitchen because it allows you to cook, steam, cut, mill, mix, emulsify, knead, chop, whip, purée, control the temperature, grind, blend, weigh, slow cook, sous vide....the possibilities are endless."


peppi azzopardi

Happy Customer

"Qabel ma kelli it thermomix
Fit tisjir kont injorant
U illum iinsajjar ikel
Tajjeb daqs tar-reataurant

Sopop, zlazi, torti, helu
Isajjar kollox hu x inhu
Jien nitfa dak li jghidli
U il bqija jsajjar hu."


zoe chircop

"Why do I love my Thermomix? It has made my life in the kitchen so much easier. As a nutritionist, I'm always looking to make my own healthy versions of dishes my family love, but time was always an issue. With my thermie I now make my own nut butters, healthy jams, energy bars, falafel, nuggets, stock, the most amazing soups and so much more. The speed and efficiency of this machine is something no other kitchen appliance can live up to. My husband thought it was another one of those things I'll buy and never use - 3 years later I prove him wrong everyday 🙂."


gia janks

Happy Customer

"I bought my first thermomix when my second daughter started solids! From never cooking, I was suddenly excited and making curries, soups, breads, sauces, desserts, cakes! All because it is so easy and so much fun in the thermomix. Quick, convenient, 1 bowl, millions of amazing recipes! I can’t live without my thermomix!."

petra ellul.jpeg

petra ellul

Happy Customer


Patricia Piazzi 

Thirtyseven Gozo

"Having a Thermomix enter our door was like finding a butler that only delivers amazing recipes and enables you to save time and dish out beautiful soulful food without ever going wrong.
I am the owner of a Home Hotel on an island and we pride ourselves in serving  a scrumptious  breakfast with fresh baked GF  treats for our guests to greet them with not only a smile but the top of what we can source . Thermomix has been a priceless asset , we can not do without it and can’t wait to purchase the new one . I would not think twice on the purchase many of our guests have bought one on return from  their vacation at thirtyseven and we have created a mini club of aficionados ."


jasmina Lalicevic

Happy Customer

"As a mother of three young kids I never had enough time to cook tasty and different meals every day. Not to mention cakes and desserts… Then I’ve hear about Thermomix and I knew this is going to be a huge help for me! I was so right! It never disappointed me.  I use it every single day! My kids love it  and we enjoy making meals for school together."

"I love the ease of use and the assistance Thermomix gives me be it to make bechamel sauce or bread etc."


stephen farrugia

Happy Customer

"My biggest kitchen investment of my life that after 2 years being used i never regret i had bought" 


Massimo Schiavone

Happy Customer

"Thermomix has changed my way of cooking. Now I can have 2 or more things cooking at the same time because Thermomix would be taking care of one of them. Sometimes I even take it with me when cooking for people."


pj vassallo

Happy Customer

"Love the Thermomix! My only regret that I didn’t get to know about this machine earlier! The last 4 years with the Thermomix has been a wonderful journey... Thermomix cooks for me when I don't feel like cooking, and helps me prepare complex things when I feel creative..."

Sabrina Busuttil.jpg

sabrina busuttil

Happy Customer

"I've had my Thermomix TM5 for 3 years now. It is a blessing for my busy life and it helped get rid of extra small appliances in the kitchen as it does everything for me. 

I love the guided recipes, it has made cooking easier & fun. I really wouldn't be without it now!" 


Amanda bilocca

Happy customer

"My Thermie is the best kitchen appliance I ever owed. It helps me create dishes from scratch with my very limited time. I just love it and would definitely recommend it !."


Christina Storf

Happy Customer

"I own the TM5 now for exactly two years. Since this time, haven't bought any bread or rolls. It's great for soups, risottos, all kind of jams and not to forget cakes! I wouldn't want to be without it."


florentina lisandru

Happy Customer

"Intelligent, powerful and easy to use. Apart from it's versatility, the vast amount of international recipes that can be accessed directly from its interface it's a big bonus for me, willing to experiment with various cuisines. With such an appliance I got rid of other appliances since the amount of functions it can perform it's impressive. My advice, see a live demonstration and you'll get convinced."


claudia cavallaro

Happy customer

"Thermomix is definitely the best thing to enter our kitchen and certainly one of the best investments I have ever made.
It is more than just a kitchen appliance – it is so versatile, consistent and precise. It is like having an extra set of hands (while it is doing the cooking…I can take a break or do something else). 

It saves me Loads of Time, Effort and Money…
I would recommend it to anyone, who loves good food…who is into healthy and sustainable eating…

Thermomix is for everyone, whether you are single or have a big family, whether you just want to prepare quick meal or a dinner party....never ceases to amaze me!  My only regret is not taking the plunge sooner 😊."


joao bica

Happy customer

"Me and Thermomix have been cooking together for the last 15 years. TM31 , TM5 and now TM6!!This is getting better and better. Less washing, great guided recipes and while Thermomix is cooking and most important, I take the most out of my time by not wasting it with, chopping, mixing and others. With the online library nothing goes to waste and I rarely repeat a recipe because I am always trying different things. LOVE TERMOMIX!" 


moira puli

Happy customer

"I can say that my relationship with Thermomix was love at first sight.  When I heard about it and the things it can do, I couldn’t believe what I was hearing so my first instinct was to go and search on the web.  But the more I read about it the more I wanted to know.  So I booked for a demonstration and I was flabbergasted and all the things it could do.
I lead a very busy lifestyle but regardless my lifestyle, I have a passion for cooking which I never lost.  When I saw what Thermomix can really do, I realised that Thermomix can make my life much easier and I still can develop my passion even more.  With the thousands and thousands of recipes Thermomix’s platform has, I started experimenting new recipes and I can say that each recipe is a success.
Apart from experimenting with new recipes, I realised that Thermomix helped me more organise my shopping and buy less ready made things. I started baking my own bread, doing stocks, smoothies, ice-cream, peanut butter, mayonnaise and many many  other things which I thought I would never do."

Jonathan Brincat

CHEF and Happy customer

“I would recommend the Thermomix to everyone. If you’re a single at home or a big family, and especially for professionals as well.”

andre spiteri Hilton.jpg

andre spiteri

Head Chef, Hilton Malta

"I have been using the Thermomix for the last 10 years, from the previous model to the new one. It’s precision guarantees a high level of consistency, just like having a little apprentice in the kitchen.

I use it to emulsified egg sauces,flavoured oil, chopping or grinding and certain purees like mushroom or stringy root vegetables that need to get hot while blending to make them homogeneous. Because of the absolute precision with which the Thermomix holds temperature (from 98 to 208°F), weighs ingredients, and spins its blades (from 40 to 10,700 rpm), the machine is right at home in a busy professional kitchen. Thermomix is far superior to anything I’ve been previously able to achieve using other brands of food processors. Thermomix saves me time and helps me produce dishes which are consistently high quality while still being creative with the recipes I can do with it."

thermo pic.jpg

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