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  • How is the working environment?
    -You are always helped in all you might need, while relying on a team that will support you whether you work in part time or full time. -Demonstrations are held at the potential customers’ house, so you are able to show Thermomix full potential and amaze the whole family. -You will be giving a full demonstration on how Thermomix works, with a plus of being in a family environment. -A good first impression will be extremely important: Making your potential customer feel secure enough to spread the word to their friends and family and recommend ways of getting you more potential clients who would be interest to schedule a demonstration. -The Distributors meet for a reunion where all important matters, like discussing how their experience is working, give motivation and new ideas are discussed for the week ahead. -Every Demonstrator is supported with incredible free training and thoughtful practical advice on how to launch themselves and continue to successfully perform their work. - Distributors receive free training and lots of practical advice on how to get started and carry it forward successfully.
  • How can I be Leading the product demonstration?
    -While doing demonstrations, you have to enthuse the potential client into spreading the word to their friends and family. -How to start: you can talk to your interested friends and family, as this is an easier way for you to start learning in a comfortable environment. -If you believe in Thermomix, everyone else will! Thermomix is the perfect, most useful kitchen appliance, an all-in-one, therefore while showing its full potential you won’t need many words to glorify it, it does the work for itself. Thermomix will shine, and so will you!
  • What is the newcomer program?
    This is a program in which you are given trainning to become an advisor and conduct cooking experiences. You will get your own TM6 by paying a deposit of 300euros, which you will get back after successfully achieve 6 sales.
  • Do I need a TM6 to become an advisor?
    Yes. You can earn one by joining the newcomer program.
  • What does the training consists of?
    -Guidance is our most valuable point, therefore, you will be directed step-by step until you are ready to do demonstrations more independently. You should be reminded that whenever you need, there will always be support available to you. -You are guided through a program designed for beginners, tested by Thermomix in order to allow you to be the best seller you can become, without any financial commitment. -The program will be divided into practical and easy steps to guide you into strengthening you best qualities as a professional.
  • How much will I be able to earn as a Thermomix Advisor?
    -Your earning opportunities are based on the amount of selling you’ll make, through a commission system. -A Sales Manager will gladly help you understand the opportunities from the activity in a reunion and answer any doubts you might have.
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