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It's for everyone!

Whether you are new to cooking, an accomplished cook or a professional chef, Thermomix® will inspire you to expand your cooking repertoire, try new recipes and take control of your kitchen. With our innovative guided cooking feature and reliable recipes, it’s never been easier to cook amazing food!

Thermomix® guided cooking recipes make it easier to explore a huge range of dishes, breaking even sophisticated recipes down into the simplest of steps that can be easily followed and leading to consistently great results. With the full colour touchscreen, integrated vast library of Cookidoo® for direct access to thousands of recipes, cooking is now even easier. Choose to cook by following a Cookidoo® recipe step-by-step, or manually using the precise time/temperature/speed settings, or directly through one of the cooking modes in the grid, cooking is now reliably easy and literally with your finger tips – while all you need to do is just to add the ingredients.

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For beginners

Let your Thermomix make cooking fun! Whether it is for a family gathering, a quick meal or a restaurant-made dish, Thermomix will prove you cooking is easy and fun, taking away the effort of preparing even the most distinguish meals. No matter the level of your cooking abilities, in case you’re upgrading your chef skills, trying for a brand new recipe or getting creative with a vanguard dish, Thermomix will give you the extra hand while exploring your cooking abilities.

For families

Families are a hand-full and time is always short, especially when it’s time for cooking. It often becomes rather tough to find time to prepare a healthy and quick home-cooked meal. This is where Thermomix can help you, the specialist in giving an extra pair of hands to busy parents who want to put love and thought into the family’s home. Thermomix is the lifesaver that will allow you to spend less time but the same love into delicious meals all at once.

For professional chefs

Besides being the loved help homes around the world can’t live without, Thermomix has helped a range of professional chefs, with the majority of Michelin-starred restaurants relying on Thermomix for great quality assistance. Thermomix uses a precise control of speed, temperatures and cooking times to make guarantee the most perfect, consistent results, every time. Thermomix can be set to perfectly perform tasks like prepare a crème pâtissière, beurre blanc or even a chocolate ganaches that will be timesavers in the kitchen. It has never been possible before to deliver texture, colour and flavour like Thermomix does. Restaurants are raising the standards for their food while saving money, time and effort, but best part is… so can you!

Fresh & healthy

Eating better, healthier and fresher meals that look incredible and taste marvellous is no longer an extra effort when using your Thermomix. With the wide range of recipes with origins from all over the world, adapted to your specific food regimes and taste, Thermomix will take away the stress of creating dishes that adjust to you allergies or diet.

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Save time & money

Thermomix is a life saver, as it significantly reduces the time wasting in kitchen tasks like chopping, that your Thermomix will take only a few seconds to do, or stirring your braise gently. The weighing scales, the blender, the food processor, the bread maker, the slow cooker, the steamer, the coffee grinder, the smoothie maker… All these are just a few components of your cleverly designed Thermomix. This means you are free from chopping, stirring, blending, but also, from having to clean so many appliances. Thermomix is an all-in-one as it greatly substitutes more than twenty kitchen appliances, freeing your kitchen tops from unnecessary and costly gadgets.

Recreate your restaurant meals with less time and cost but double the fun and flavour. Save money by using our Cookidoo for ideas or creating your own breads, soups, baby food or smoothies! Thermomix will help you control your food waste while making better choices for the environment and your wallet!


With thousands of tried and tested recipes, cooking has never been simpler. Roam the world of over 50,000 recipes! Experiment new dishes from another part of the world, create your own unique tastes, you have the freedom to create recipes the way you like them best.

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