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  • More cooking spaces: With the help of our cooking space divider, you can cook a variety of different dishes at the same time, without everything becoming a uniform mush.
  • High-quality: All materials used are absolutely food-safe and particularly dimensionally stable, making it easy and safe to remove the food.
  • Non-stick: The surface prevents any burning or sticking of the food on the silicone - so all dishes can be prepared effortlessly and the mold can be rinsed very easily.
  • Optimal steam circulation: The bottom of our cooking chamber divider is designed in such a way that the steam passages are not impaired or blocked. This allows the steam to develop unhindered.
  • Sophisticated design: In the middle of our cooking chamber dividers there is a recess which serves as a chimney. In this way, the upper part of the Varoma is also optimally steamed.

VAROMA Silicone divider

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