FRESH CHEESELETS / Gbejniet friski by Marion Borg


1 litre fresh whole milk at room temperature 65 grms skimmed milk powder 1/2 teaspoon rennet powder 1 tsp salt



1.In a small bowl mix a tablespoon of milk with the rennet powder and set aside .

2.Place fresh milk and milk powder in mixing bowl mix together for a few seconds speed 2. 3.Warm milk for 6 minutes /37 deg speed 1 4. Stir milk again for 10 seconds/ speed 2 5. Add the rennet mixture to milk in mixing bowl and stir for 20 seconds speed/ spoon . Leave in mixing bowl for about an hour until mixture starts to curdle and set . Spoon curd into the baskets and place In a dripping tray .Sprinkle some salt on each cheeselet .Put baskets on VAROMA dripping tray. Leave to set overnight in refrigerator .You may need to remove the excess water ( whey ) that comes out of the cheeselets . You can now turn baskets upside down ,pressing the sides gently to ease them out .

TIPS Cheeselets can be used in many Maltese dishes such as kusksu ,pies and ravioli filling . They can also be eaten with a fresh green salad or deepfried . They are traditionally made with sheep or goats milk using the natural animal rennet derived from the stomach of a calf ,goat or lamb.

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